Entrepreneurship for Musicians

Technology companies like Facebook™, Google™, and Twitter™ have products designed for software engineers. These developers are treated as global audiences, and by closely analyzing their behavior and habits, these audiences can be leveraged for business purposes, as well as monetized. I know this because for 8 years I worked for Silicon Valley tech companies as director of Developer Relations, leading teams of developer evangelists and community managers.

For several years I've been paying close attention to how the music industry is still rooted in an industrial mindset, where artists become vehicles to make record labels successful.

In this book, I explore what independent artists can learn from Silicon Valley tech startups, and how musicians can leverage these strategies to build a sustainable business around the creation of original music.
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Sept. 2021

Contents at a glance

  • Building your audience
  • Branding
  • Finding your ideal listeners
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Networking for Introverts
  • Social Media
  • Business Considerations
  • Appendix A: Nurturing your creative mind
  • Appendix B: Software Platforms
  • Appendix C: References
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It's not your typical book

This book is not about getting more likes or shares. It is not about getting more subscribers to your YouTube Channel or increasing your Instagram followers.

This book is about being entrepreneurial, strategic, deliberate, and intentional with the steps you take to grow your fanbase and to build a solid and sustainable plan to monetize your art.

More than a rigid book, it's a live research work and you'll have access to:


I've been researching this industry since 2018. You'll have access to my comprehensive list of references, such as books, videos, podcasts, and blog posts, so you can continue your individual learning journey.


I'm interviewing several artists, to get their feedback and opinions on different areas of the book. You'll have access to all the unedited interviews, whether they were on video, audio, or written form.

Supplementary materials

Get access to downloadable worksheets, exercises, frameworks, and kanban boards mentioned and recommended throughout the book.


You'll be joining a community of artists because learning is better and more efficient when we do it together. To extend the value you get from this work, it will be an ongoing research and study effort. By buying the book, you'll be getting access to all updates going forward.

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About The Author

Alco is a curious computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, guitarist, and amateur sleight-of-hand card magician, currently acting as Co-Founder and CTO of Musicasa, and Co-Founder of BonoboApp.

Alco has written multiple books on topics like Open Source Culture, Magic, Cross-platform Mobile App Development, and Music.

Work on this book began in early 2018 and due to the changing nature of this industry, this will be an ongoing research project.

Learn more about what Alco is working on visiting his website at https://alco.rocks